2019 Summary

2019 has been a weird year. Here’s a few key callouts:

  • First year of my 30’s
  • Started a Youtube channel
  • Stopped the Youtube channel
  • Started learning PHP
  • Stopped learning PHP
  • Brushed up on CSS and HTML
  • Learned SASS/SCSS
  • Learned some Javascript
  • Started learning React
  • Built a basic website on Gatsby
  • Wrote more than I ever have
  • Started meditating
  • Started journalling
  • stopped meditating
  • stopped journalling
  • restarted meditating
  • restarted journalling
  • Implemented a Bullet Journal for myself at work
  • applied for 60+ jobs
  • had 4 interviews
  • Ate a plant-based diet for the whole year
  • Got an Audible membership and started listening to audiobooks
  • Decided to quit pursuing a music production career
  • Developed and implemented knowledge of VBA/SQL at work
  • Attended the Pride march in my city for the second year
  • Bought a house
  • Refined my home network
  • Built a media server
  • Slept too little
  • lost focus of my health
  • quit going to the gym
  • Ate too much pizza
  • Found some incredible vegan foods/restaurants
  • bought a number of smart home items
  • had lots of cuddles with my best friend’s puppy (actually made me realise how much I would also like a puppy)
  • took hot yoga classes
  • stopped taking hot yoga classes (I regret stopping!)
  • started to track my time
  • built loads of Ikea furniture
  • delivered a number of LGBT+ awareness training sessions
  • slept on a mattress on the floor for a month while moving house
  • walked to work reasonably regularly in the first half of the year
  • watched too much Netflix

Looking at the above there’s a good mix of positives and negatives, as well as all those in between. With having a mixture, it’s easy to get some perspective of my whole year. It has got me thinking about 2020…. and the rest of the next decade. Thinking about the last 10 years, so much has happened, so much has changed. Until now I have had no real plan for my life. I have had no real direction to move in. Sure I have had things I wanted to achieve, but nothing more.

In these closing days of 2019, I’m feeling more of a desire to keep a note of my life, to see what makes me happy, sad, angry, energised, motivated, etc … I’m finding new things which speak to me which I want to keep note of. I want to form some new habits to make the next decade my best one on this planet so far.

I have had a little think about terminology for all the different divisions of time, but 10 years is a long time, and my ideas will probably change throughout the years! The only thing I have decided is I will define each week as a sprint. Each quarter will have around 12 sprints. At the end of the decade, I’ll have around 520 weeks of my life documented. Each month/quarter/year I will have more and more data captured to make decisions about adjustments to my life in order to be my best self.

For the first year, I will not be setting a new year resolution. Instead I am going to be focusing on building healthy habits and laying the groundwork for the new decade.