All change here

I ordered one of the new Mac Minis just before Christmas and it finally arrives on Tuesday.

I have had my Late 2013 Mac Pro for quite a while now and it's starting to show it's age. When Apple announced the M1 Macs I was pretty intrigued, and now I'll get to use one myself.

Alongside this, I have also ordered a new keyboard I have been contemplating buying for a long time. Up to no I have been using the Apple Magic Keyboard, however I have just purchased a Keychron K2. I won't be using it all of the time as I do still really like the Apple keyboard, but it will be an interesting new change.

Finally I have picked up a few small bits of equipment to help me set up my camera on my desk and record from it, direct to my hard drive. This is a little something to help me remove barriers between me and creating. This way I will be able to just turn on the camera and start recording with OBS.

It's like the end of an era of not taking action and not creating, and moving into a new era of focus, creation, and minimising barriers.