Am I just procrastinating?

When I first wrote the title to this, I thought of it as a really terrible out of rhythm and rhyme version of Green Day's Basket Case. I haven't listened to Green Day in a large number of years so after this little introduction, I've decided to fill my ears with some classic tunes. I've opted for the album Dookie for those interested.

So ... am I procrastinating? I have started to find myself using the terminal much more than anything else. While I still use VS Code occasionally, it's definitely less and less recently. I've been prefering to just open a terminal window and edit project files in Vim instead. There's less to distract me, it's so customisable, and I know where I stand with it. I'll likely start using VS Code more again in the future but for now it's the terminal for me.

The whole last paragraph literally expanded nothing at all upon the procrastination question. So here I'll try to expand. As I have been living in the terminal more, I have kind of wanted to write some of my own command line utilities to do certain things. I've found myself tinkering more with different kinds of tools/frameworks/languages in order to find the best one to build some utilities in. They won't be huge massive things, just a few ideas I have for a simple journal/diary of what I am working on and thinking/feeling, a simple utility to create projects from templates/skeletons, and a couple of other little bits.

Anyway, I feel I am more than comfortable enough with Python to do so, same with JavaScript although my experience with NodeJS which is another option, is limited to making static sites with NextJS and Gatsby and not actually building anything in Node directly. Finally another option is Rust which I know absolutely zero about other than people really like it, it's good for CLIs and the community around it is great.

In terms of learning opportunities, Rust is the winner as I know nothing of Rust at the moment. Then Node as I am fine with JavaScript, just not the finer details and quirks of Node. Finally Python would be the smallest learning curve, but would allow me to 'ship' ideas quicker. I'm kind of leaning towards Node as an inbetween leanrning opportunity and getting things tested out quicker.

But is this question itself procrastinating? Am I overthinking things? I know whatever I choose to go with I'll just find some other rabbit hole to go down with it other than doing what I plan.

For those interested I haven't skipped any tracks and I am now getting to the end of 'When I Come Around' so you can get an idea of how long it's taken me to write this so far.

If you are interested I will likely do some development diaries of these little utilities I work on.

I am going to start with the journal utility because it's the one I tihnk I need the most. My journaling at the moment is done in Obsidian in the morning, and sometimes in the evening. Opening Obsidian though can lead me to get distracted with other things despite it opening to the daily journal page. There's other interesting things like playing with new plugins and tweaking templates to do! I need something I can access quickly and easily, not have to think about in terms of adding timestamps or anything. I want simple fast usage to add new entries and forget them.

I figured as I pretty much have my terminal open all the time now, I may as well keep a journal in here too. Yes I say 'here' because I'm writing this post in the terminal. I'm a terminal convert. When I heard people say before things are so much better on the command line, I laughed, but now I am definitely starting to feel like one of those people I used to mock.

Final song: All By Myself. The answer is yes, I am procrastinating. In the time since I started listening to this album I could have had a very basic working example of the journal I want in Python.

I think I'll go with Node.