My year of creativity has so far been a year of no creativity.

I am starting to get quite frustrated at myself for slipping back into my old habits I had a couple of years ago. Habits such as scrolling through social media for ages in the mornings, defaulting to watching TV every night, and eating lots of unhealthy foods.

I made a lot of progress last year to get into some really good routines, I felt good about where I was at the end of the year in preparation for this year... But this year just seems to have reverted all the progress.

It's frustrating, but it's also a bit of a fire under me now. I have identified the issue and need to change my behaviours. Two things I am pleased I have kept up successfully for a long time now is reading for at least 30-40 minutes per day, often longer, and journaling every day too.

Some things I want to work on getting back up to the level tehy were at last year, and I can see the benefit in returning to the same level:

  • meditation (I used to do it for 10 minutes every day and I had such mental clarity)
  • reading in the evenings instead of watching TV
  • a weekly review
  • a day per week minimum dedicated to creativity in some form
  • reduction of junk food intake and increase of healthier foods