I can't, I am unable

This blog post is actually the product of my inability to focus on what I wanted to do this morning.

I hvae a trouble actually doing tihngs which I planned/want to do. This morning I simply wanted to do a brain dump of things which were on my mind. Just a nice easy list of things of any level of importance, any subject, things I need to remember to do or otherwise ... but instead I found every opportunity I could to not do this.

My brain decided things like wiping the desk, curing an itch in my ear, rubbing my eyes, looking out of the door into the hallway were all more interesting and important than what I had sat down to do. All I managed from my brain dump this morning was "I'm still getting distracted. Why?", and then thought, okay let's expand on this - I'll write a bit about the current situation. So I just made a new section header in Obsidian (why this matters to anyone reading I don't know, but you may find it interesting I have some form of organisation even when my brain is in disarray), and just started to write about the current situation. It took at while becuase the itchy ear came back and the hall way became interesting again, but I wrote a couple of sentances about the situation and what specifically was distracting me.

Part way through trying to explore why this might be, I opened up a new iTerm window, and started to write this post. These few sentances I have written so far have taken a fair while again as I keep getting distracted, however I do definitely have a little more focus on this than my brain dump.

I think I could continue to write a fair amount more here but I'm getting distracted by our new pupp needing to go out and come back in 58 times before 7am, and updating my iPhone/iPad... just anything othert han writing this post which is not what I wanted to do this morning, but something my brain decided was what it wanted to do, for all of an hour. Yes, it took an hour to write 386 words up to here.