I swear this is (probably one of) the last time(s)...

I find it hard to not be discontent with my website. I have lost track of the amount of times I have "redesigned" it in recent times. I found the idea of digital gardens very appealing and thought I should change my site to be one. I knew I wanted to move away from Gatsby for my personal site and move over to NextJS instead, so I thought "why not just make it into a digital garden at the same time?". Silly me.

I put in the work, learned enough NextJS to build the site and added a few starting 'notes' which I planned to expand on regularly... and then never updated anything.

A few days ago (today is the 5th of December), I decided it was time to scrap it and strip things back to what I actually wanted the site to be for... sharing some thoughts every now and again.

I dont have some vast knowledge to put into an elaborate digital garden, nor do I have the ability (mentally, physically, timewise) to keep it updated to the point it could be mildly useful to others. Instead I simply needed something to be able to display small amounts of text onto the screen and not much else.

I don't write much but I want to write more. At the moment I just needed something simple to maintain, and expandable in the future if needed.

So here is the new site (for now). There is a page for what I am currently working on, a list of all my writing, and a list of links. Nothing else.

I'll likely update again in another few months, but at present, I want to try to stick to this one as long as possible.