Personal Retrospective: Q2 2019

Something new I want to try out is conducting a personal retrospective each quarter, and year.

Goals for 2019

High Level

  1. Eat 'healthier' and more conciously
  2. Start earning a side income from my main job
  3. Develop my best self
  4. Build an online presence and help people

90 Day Goals

  1. Plan work lunches and prepare ahead of time (partially complete)

It was a little hit and miss with this one. Some weeks were really good and I prepared lunches ahead of time, others not so much and I ended up buy lunch while at work. Over all was a reasonable achievement for this goal.

  1. Rebuild my website and start a consistent blog (partially complete)

This did not go well. I rebuilt my webste multiple times, learned a small amount of HTML, CSS and PHP (just enough to get by with Wordpress themes), however I did not properly knuckles down with the blog and wasn't fully happy with the website overall. I didn't make enough time to sit down and code, and I had too many distractions from writing.

  1. Make an attempt to be more positive and productive (partially complete)

Throughout Q2 I definitely got better at this. I recognise I could do much better, but I'm still finding my groove.

  1. Consistently write blog posts and start Youtube channel

How did it go? It didn't... I wrote a few small blog posts about my daily life, and made all my public videos private. This was a very big goal for the quarters, and I definitely overestimated what I could do!

What do I want to do differently in the next 90 days?

I get distracted easily

I want to attempt to be more effective with my days. This could be reducing distractions, carving specific times to get stuff done, sticking to what I want to get done... I think if I am able to do one of these, the others will naturally follow.

I get to a certain point and give up for the next shiny thing

When I am learning something new, I have a tendency reach a certain point then give up and move on to another project (the next shiny new thing). I want to get past this point with learning web development. I'm gonna put a book end here ... now it changes.

Goals for Q3 2019

  1. Plan meals in line with basic macro split
  2. Finish building personal website
  3. Focus on getting more sleep
  4. Brainstorm ideas for blog posts and videos