Starting Afresh

Today is the first day of 2 weeks off from work, and it could not have come at a better time.

Over the past few weeks I have been learning about web development (speifically Gatsby, React, and SCSS), and have struggled to accomodate the learning while spending the majority of my day at work in an office. Alongside this, my wife and I are looking at buying our first house, and as it's completely new to us, we're finding ourselves getting very easily overwhelmed with what needs to be done, getting all our documentation together, realising how unorganised our accounts are, how much 'stuff' we need to get rid of ... the list goes on.

This two weeks break from work is going to give us some time to go through a lot of things we have accumulated over the years of living together. Things like DVDs & Blu Rays we have collected... We have mostly moved over to buying/renting movies on iTunes/through our Apple TV so a lot of the physical films we have on shelves we either haven't watched in a long time, or aren't really interested in anymore. What we're initially thinking is firstly to get rid of the ones we don't want to keep anymore, then the remaining ones we'll put on a Plex server which I have on an old PC. With the physical copies, we can then just box them up and store them in the loft. There are some DVDs and Blu Rays which we will certainly keep available in a bookshelf or something, such as or box sets and Disney films.

Another area of focus for me will be my accounts, as financial and other digital accounts. We have far to many! I recently swicthed to Monzo as my main bank account. A big draw of the account for me was the different pots you can set up for your money, without the need for having loads of separate accounts. Over the years I have accumulated accounts all over the place and pretty much all have just been left dormant. Time to get these closed down and cleaned up!

Once we've got all these things cleaned up we can hopefully make a bit of a fresh start!

Today I feel accomplished in what I have already completed. I drove to my home town to see my mum for a chat, I refactored a good amount of the code for my website making the SCSS less meh and more user friendly, I've written this small two minute blog post (which took way more than 2 minutes to write), and this evening I'm going to cook my wife dinner. No idea what I'm going to cook yet, but hopefully won't just be a beige dinner!