As I look to my left, I have a camera staring at me.

I am attempting to document writing/developing more, purely in an effort to keep myself going. If I record myself of an evening and I am not doing anything except browsing social media, then this I'm gonna be annoyed!

To the camera, you can see this post coming together as I type. It may be quick, it may be slow, but it's coming together.

I recently started a new job, and with it comes learning a lot of new things. I also want to continue to develop myself outside of work but I don't want to burn out. This is where I am going to try to focus on a specific project at home. I want to get a couple of simple sites up and running, one by the end of February in 4 days, and one by the end of March. Afterwards I want to explore my process of creation a little more... By this I mean I want to look at what my blockers are, what stops me from being creative, what stops me from writing another blog post ... Is it time management? Am I too easily distracted? Do I not capture all my ideas as they come to me?

I am definitely getting a lot more comfortable with Gatsby and React now, but I feel I still have a long way to go understanding some deeper concepts. For my day job, I am developing my knowledge of Python, so I am going to be brushing up on the basics of Python and Pandas, before moving on to much more complex data anlysis tasks.

I've had an idea I want to explore, main for my own learning exploration. I love the idea of the app Drafts, and I have recently started using a new web app called Roam. Roam is currently free, but I don't think it will be long before they start charging a fee (can't blame them, the web app concept is brilliant and they need to sustain a business after all). This makes me think, what pieces of these apps do I use? What do I use them for? Do I use all of the features? Why not? What features do I wish they had? Can I build something myself?

There's some other apps too which I use for certain things, but nothing really ties them together? What do I want from my apps?

I need to start bringing my consumer brain, and programmer brain together to build something for myself. Something which meets my needs completely. This will be my long term project. I don't want to start off with big ideas for it, because I'll probably just fall flat. Instead I'll brainstorm what I actually need, and just start building small features.

So ... This brings me to my brain dump of projects I currently have going on...

  • My main website (this one you are reading this post on)
  • A dev focused blog (just focusing on new bits of useful code I find as I learn)
  • Main content site (this will be to hopefully start generating a small amount of monthly income. Once built I am going to set some ongoing quit dates to stop if I can't keep it up, or isn't worth while)
  • Secondary content site (same as above)
  • Big project as mentioned above
  • Learning Python
  • Developing React knowledge more
  • Experiment with other CSS in JS libraries (currently just using Emotion)
  • try Next.js
  • Learning jQuery
  • film more video content for my Youtube
  • Transferring all my DVDs and Blurays to my Plex media server. (currently sat at around 350 titles, and I haven't even started on the BluRay movies or any of the boxsets yet)
  • Streamline my workflow
  • Read more books (or listen on Audible)

Right, there's this post. Now I'm going to speed up this last hour of footage (not all of it has been spent on this post) and upload to Youtube. So long for now!