I just went back and listed to episode 101 of the Cortex podcast and Grey mentioned about knowing his natural rhythm of when he is most productive, and it got me thinking about my energy levels throughout the day.

I tend to find I have a lot of energy to get things done in the mornings, which usually lasts for a couple of hours, then I have my day job for 9 hours and my energy levels fluctuate a fair amount throughout. After work I am usually quite tired but then late in the evening at around 9.30pm I start to get another gust of energy and drive. I have recently been writing these posts in the mornings and if I still feel like I have more to give, I'll write another in the evening.

On my days off I tend to find I have a very flat sort of energy level which hovers around the low to medium-low mark. I'm not sure if this is due to burnout from work, or anything else, but I definitenly need a few more coffees on my day off. Lately my sleep schedule and energy levels have been worse than normal since we got Teddy our puppy. My wife and I try to take it in turns as much as possible taking him outside when he wakes up in the middle of the night. This morning was a particularly rubbish one as we woke up at 4.15am wanting to go out. My wife had already got up with him at 1.30am so it was my turn to do it. He didn't quite make it to the garden so once he was back in his crate some cleanup was required. He clearly thought it was play time rather than sleep time so my wife laid with him next to his crate until he went backto sleep. I said to my wife as we laid down "I'm glad he's a puppy and not a human, I don't think I could do multiple years of this". Massive props to anyone who is/will be a parent, a puppy is hard enough work for me, I 100% don't have the mental strength to deal with a child.

Back to 'when'. Mornings and evening used to be freely available to me, my energy levels were reasonably good, but I had no drive. Now I don't have as much time in the evenings, I have less energy, but I have a lot of drive. To me 'when' is seemingly going to be never, though I think it was actually last year. I definitely don't have a lack of things I want to make/do, it's just finding the right time with the right energy level, right drive, and the right focus level.

There are so many different moving parts which need to align before it's possible for me to produce an output.

These last few days I have been writing a post a day (somehow my brain has allowed me to actually do this), and I think it could possibly be the start of a new habit. How long this streak will last I do not know ... but I do think if it does get embedded, I'm going to want to try to focus it a little more and not sit with my rambling hat on like I have been.