An Overview of My Workflow

I want to do a little dive into my workflow. I am going to break this up into three sections: hardware, software/apps, uses/workflows.


I am going to preface this section by saying I used to be an Apple fanboy, and therefore felt compelled to purchase all the different pieces of hardware they sell, however now I am more concious of my needs. When things break/die, I'll be considering the need to replace them fully before jumping in feet first again. This isn't to say I am no longer a fan of Apple, far from it (I still won't consider buying/building a windows based system again), however I am aware I maybe don't need all the devices I currently have ... I just don't want to sell any.

I have an iPhone Xs Max as my daily driver. Since my wife and I got our iPhone 4S phones years back, we've been in the 'S' cycle of the iPhone. I'm happy with this as it means we can get the phones which have had the kinks mostly worked out, and with enough new features to improve our workflows/lives in some small way compared to previous. Alongside my iPhone I also have an Apple Watch Series 4. My wife and I got our Series 1 watches about half way between the series 1 & 2 cycle, and they were used every day for a number of years. When the series 2 came out, it was a good upgrade, but for how I used the Apple Watch, I didn't need an upgrades. The same with the 3rd & 4th generations. We only upgraded to the 4th generation because both of ours had started to slow right down, the software was no longer updated and so there was the increased risk of security flaws, and my wife's kept freezing. Again we probably wont upgrade the watches until these current ones are worn into the ground.

My main computer is a late 2013 Mac Pro trashcan. This has a 3.7GHz Quad-Core processor with 12GB RAM. I got this a few years back when my audio interface I was using at the time stopped working, I needed a new one, and wanted to go Thunderbolt but had a PC. So I bought the Mac too...

I have a 2015 Macbook Pro with xxx

Last Apple device is one of the 9.7 inch iPads from just before they released the Pro versions of the same size.

Finally, I'm going to count this as hardware as it's a physical thing, but it's not digital. It's my notebook. I keep a Bullet Journal (I actually keep two, one for work, and one personal) on my desk at all times and I'm definitely seeing it's benefits!


I'm not going to list out every single app and piece of software I use, but I will list the main ones which form various parts of my workflow.

Visual Studio Code - my coding app of choice. I used to use Atom which was great, but about 18 months ago I switched to VS Code and haven't looked back. I don't know if one is better than the other, but I know what works for me.

Photoshop - Visual editor of choice

Pro Tools - while I am a Pro Tools user through and through, I don't use it enough to justify paying the upgrade fee to update to the latest version just so my OS is supported. I'm cutting my losses and learning Logic instead ... at least until UA release Luna!

Ulysses - Writing app of choice

Notion - I use notion for a few different things. See the workflows below.

Things 3 - Productivity app of choice, but I'm slowly finding myself move deeper and deeper into my journal.

Github Desktop - Because I haven't taken the time to get comfortable with the command line tool for Github.

Google Drive - cloud storage of choice. I just don't like Dropbox and most of my stuff is either Apple or Google so Drive made sense.

Bullet Journal App - read below


Here I'm going to lay out some general uses and workflows...

Up to now I have been using Google Drive to sync my computers together but I have found this to be incredibly cumbersome when it comes to a development workflow. For general projects and files I still use Google Drive, but for development and coding I actually just use Github to sync everything together. I'll commit and push any changes to Github, and if I'm going to work on something on another computer I'll just dowload the repo and commit/push changes before I shut everything down for the evening.

As I mentioned above I am starting to use my Bullet Journal a lot more, and I am really liking it. I've been combining with the Bullet Journal app when I'm out and about and don't want to take my full journal. I add things to the app throughout the day and then migrate them to the physical journal in the evening. I've been doing a weekly reflection to end the week long sprints. Each Sunday I'll sit down and write about the week just gone. I'll ask "what went well?", "general mood", "highlight of the week", and "what's not working?". I have different sections in my journal for project, fleshing out ideas, general to-do lists, and whatever else I need.

Things 3 was my "always open, productivity app", but as above, I'm slowly moving more into physical journals.

Ulysses is what I use for writing longer form content. Usually I would write my weekly sprint blog entries in VS Code, purely because it is always open. Ulysses is acceible on all my devices including my iPad and iPhone so I can write on the go, whereas with VS Code, it's only on my computers. I then just copy markdown out of Ulysses and into VS Code to prepare to commit changes. My blog and website is all built using Gatsby and MDX files.

So there's a couple of little explanations about how I use my different devices at present. I am still trying to fully find my groove, but I think I am making more progress the more I document incremental changes, and see what works for me.