The year in review - 2020

What a year 2020 has been. It has been the strangest, darkest year in recent times for humanity as a whole. This is why I have decided to look back and remember all the positives, and some of the not so positives which happened for me personally.

Here are some highlights from 2020

  1. Redesigned my website twice because I wasn't happy with it. Now I am
  2. Ate a lot of food, a lot of which probably wasn't great for me, but it tasted good
  3. Lost over a stone in weight
  4. Put all the weight back on
  5. My wife and I set up our office with a huge wall-to-wall desk and our computers side by side
  6. Set up a home file server
  7. Had new flooring laid in the house
  8. Painted the shed
  9. Grew loads of tomatoes
  10. Decluttered
  11. Read more books this year than any other
  12. Started meditating
  13. Built a solid morning routine
  14. Built a daily journal writing practice
  15. Walked a lot
  16. Cycled some
  17. Switched text/code editors to Vim (should have done this so much sooner)
  18. Started using automation tools to help me focus on the task at hand
  19. Made our new house into a home

I think for me the standout things from this year are making our new house into more of a home, and getting a proper morning routine locked in. This morning routine is definitely something I am going to be taking in to 2021.