This page serves as a ever evolving space to detail what I am currently working on. For for information about "/now" pages, check out ([] by (Derek Sivers)[] Last updated: 13th August 2020

Organising my knowledge

I have tried a number of apps for organising my knowledge. The only one which has really stuck is Obsidian. I am currently working with Obsidian and tweaking things to be as efficient and friendly for my brain as possible.


Currently fleshing out ideas for a project to build, and create a free YouTube course for.


My habits have shifted to focus more on health - exercise, nutrition and sleep. This is taking up the majority of my time now.

Digital Space

I am currently reviewing my digital space. What apps do I use/no longer use? What purpose does each app serve? I have got better with apps in recent times, however I feel like there is still room to be better here.