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Last updated: 13th August 2020

Organising my knowledge

Exploring the movement of digital gardens and personal knowledge management. I've tried a number of different things in recent years including Notion which I initially loved, but always felt it was missing something however I couldn't place my finger on it. I then moved to Roam Research after reading an article by Nat Eliason. Roam clicked staright away for me because of the bi-directional linking between notes/pages, and the concept of networked thoughts. Roam recently annouced the pricing model, and while I think it's a reasonable price for the product/service, I can't justify if for myself. Now I am looking at more ways to collect and organise my thoughts/ideas/knowledge.

2020/07/02: Roam Research recently announced $15/month pricing and while I think this is a reasonable price for the tool for someone who is very deeply embedded in it, I am not. I dabbled and found it useful, but not $15/month. It's not worth the price tag for my use. This led me to look for something else either cheaper or zero cost. I am currently trying out Obsidian which seems great, but there are osme limitations. All of the apps/services in this area are all very new and young so I think they are still finding their footing. None really have mobile apps at the momemt, but they are all under continuous development.

2020/08/13: Over the last month I have been using Roam mostly, however I have made the decision to switch to Obsidian going forward.


Fleshing out some ideas for a new website which will hopefully become a good resource for people wanting to use technology more intentionally.


My habits have shifted to focus more on health - exercise, nutrition and sleep. This is taking up the majority of my time now.

Digital Space

I am currently reviewing my digital space. What apps do I use/no longer use? What purpose does each app serve? I am looking forward to iOS14 to be released, as the ability to remove apps from the home screen will help reduce the clutter. I'll probably have one page of widgets and one page of app icons at most, and then remove everything else. It will all still be accesible through the master app list anyway.

2020/08/13: I am currently using the beta of 1OS14 and have slimmed my homescreens down to a single page with just the dock and 2 widget stacks. The main widget stack is a few layered Shortcuts widgets for access to specific things, grouped together as I would use them: task management, things used throughout the day, home automation, reading/listening, etc.