This page serves as a ever evolving space to detail what I am currently working on. For for information about "/now" pages, check out (nownownow.com)[https://www.nownownow.com] by (Derek Sivers)[https://www.sivers.org]

Last updated: 31st May 2020

Making my house into a home

I moved into a new house at the end of last year and initially my wife and I were getting used to having a house after living in flats since we left home. Now we are starting to think more about how we use spaces and what we want from each one.

Organising my knowledge

Exploring the movement of digital gardens and personal knowledge management. I've tried a number of different things in recent years including Notion which I initially loved, but always felt it was missing something however I couldn't place my finger on it. I then moved to Roam Research after reading an article by Nat Eliason. Roam clicked staright away for me because of the bi-directional linking between notes/pages, and the concept of networked thoughts. Roam recently annouced the pricing model, and while I think it's a reasonable price for the product/service, I can't justify if for myself. Now I am looking at more ways to collect and organise my thoughts/ideas/knowledge.

Creating quickmusicproductionstips.com

Building a new website which will be a clean and simple list of quick tips about music production. For years I studied music production and created music with artists and bands, and while it isn't something I am active with at all anymore, it is something I have a huge passion for. I still browse through Facebook groups and forums I used to be active in and see so many cool tips being shared, I figured I'd create a website to store them all with links to the original authors.


Continuously developing my JavasScripr & React programming skills. For a while I felt like I was just fumbling my way around things, but recently had the real world equivilent to a level up in a game. I suddenly felt like I was able to make educated guess of how to solve problems/bugs