Sprint 2: 6th Jan - 11th Jan


First day back at work doing my normal hours after the Christmas break. Getting up at 0530 was a bit of a struggle today, but then I did go to bed quite late. Today was a long day. I don’t really feel like writing anything.


Last night I got into a YouTube spiral. I need to really try to kick this habit. I refresh the feed as though it’s Facebook or Twitter, waiting for new videos to be uploaded. I don’t need this. I need to focus on my goals, my tasks, my habits, my life, not others. While it’s useful to watch some videos and I do get something from them, I need to know when to stop so I don’t hit another spiral. Learning with reason is fine, mindlessly consuming is not okay.

Traffic on the way to work was absolutely awful this morning! Definitely going to have to leave earlier going forward.

Today was a weird one. I also got offered a new job. I put together a pros and cons list in my bullet journal which helped me make my decision!


Today I accepted the offer of the new role. Will be an interesting change, and a lot of ongoing development which I am really pleased about.


Today I wrote a lot in my bullet journal. I’m trying to keep this little habit going throughout the year, not worrying about running out of space, as I have another journal lined up for when I do.

I really want to work on my workflow. I should looks to nail in a solid workflow as early as possible in the new jobs.


Today I received some bad news.


Instead of writing using apps on my computer, I have been writing in my bullet journal. Looking back just over the last 10 days, I have used 20 pages. This is the most I have ever written in a journal. With the possibility of starting my new job relatively soon (around about a month), I am wanting to use this as a chance to get focused, built some healthy routines, and develop myself.

Today there were a few things I wanted to do:

  • set up my audio interface and speakers, as they had been unplugged since moving house
  • clear inbox
  • check the price to send a parcel
  • update my address with a couple of companies
  • brainstorm some ideas for my new business

This evening my wife and I are heading to our friends for a birthday get together. It's nice we have been finding ourselves spending more time with friends recently. It's been good to properly keep in touch with friends and keep our relationships building.


Again today is likely to be the most productive day of the week in terms of work outside of work, and progressing my goals.

  • Food shopping
  • Weekly clean & tidy
  • [] Create some project templates for planned projects
  • [] Plan time in the coming weeks to work on projects
  • [] 1 hour getting a basic understanding of Logic (Pro Tools updates expired and it doesn't work with Catalina without the latest update)
  • Tidy washing away
  • [] Consider different workflows with different devices
  • Arrange dates for odd jobs around the house to be completed
  • Complete basic intro to Python
  • 1 hour working on v2 of my personal site

Overall this sprint was a little less productive in terms of volume of things I got done, but most of the things were sort of laying the groundwork for the future.