Sprint 4: 20th Jan - 26th Jan

Sprint Planning

This week I want to try to work on a technique to help keep focus on tasks at hand, and make some progress on something I’ve been putting off. This week is another planning and preparation week, as is the focus of January. Come February I’ll be moving on to actually laying the foundations which will continue through the rest of the first quarter.

Sprint Backlog

  • Wireframe new site layout
  • Make progress with Automate the Boring Stuff with Python
  • Advertise things for sale
  • Brainstorm finance spreadsheet
  • Plan Instagram posts
  • Plan 2 videos
  • Add 10 titles to media library
  • Code basic layout for new site
  • Purchase curtains for the office


Today was a long day at work, then when I got home from work it was a case of chill out for a few minutes before heading back out to do our weekly shop. By the time we got home and had eaten, I was exhausted and was falling asleep at my desk so just decided to cut my losses and hit the hay. I don't feel bad for this.


Today I have a non-working day for my day job. I woke up at 8.30am this morning which is really unheard of for me! Usually I am up at 5-5.30am but I obviously needed the sleep. Time to pull from the this sprint's backlog. I want today to be productive, but I also want to head out to the shops to pick up a couple of ingredients for dinner, which I couldn't get last night. As I can do this a little later, I think I am going to get a couple of the meaty bits out of the way today, as well as chip away at the getting more titles on to out media server. Goal for the week is 10, so I'll just aim for 2 today.

  • Add 2 titles to media server library
  • Wireframe layout for a new site
  • Advertise things for sale

I read an email newsletter from Nat Eliason this morning and in it he mentioned a web service he has been using called Roam. I read through his whole blog post about Roam and decided to give it a look. I have created an account and will try this out. It seems to be the most fluid digital experience for note-taking, to-do lists, and anything else you can think of. It seems to be looking like what I wish Notion was. Not to suggest Notion isn't good, but there's always been something stopping me jumping in with both feet and I havent been able to put my finger on it.


  • Code basic layout for new site
  • Brainstorm finance spreadsheet


  • Clean desk
  • Prepare for week ahead
  • Reset

Sprint Retrospective

What went well?

I tried out a version of the pomodoro technique and had some good results. Also started taking notes in Roam and found it to be extremely useful. Shame there is no mobile app just yet.

What could I change?

  • concentration/focus
  • Feeling like I am too sedentary

How can I implement these changes?

  • Build on the pomodoro style technique and block more sections of time to solely focus on specific things.
  • Small amounts of exercise. My next monthly challenge is daily sit ups and push ups so this should help me.