Sprint 5: 27th Jan - 2nd Feb

Sprint Planning

This week we're having our flooring laid in the living room so, evenings are going to be spent clearing the living room so the floor is completely clear, then moving everything back downstairs at the end of the week. Won't have much time available this week to work on projects but will do what I can. Also working a 5 day week at work rather than my usual condensed 4 days so there's even less time available.

Sprint Backlog

  • Make progress with Automate the Boring Stuff with Python
  • Advertise things for sale
  • Plan Instagram posts
  • Plan 2 videos
  • Add 10 titles to media library
  • Purchase curtains for the office

Monday & Tuesday

Mostly moving furniture around the house in preparation for the flooring to be started on Wednesday.


Spent a bit of time working on my site, getting the new layout underway.


Today was the only 'productive' day which wasn't spent moving things around. I managed to complete the re-design of my site to something I am a lot happier with, and I learned some more React in the process. There's definitely still a few little things which I want to do, but the major stuff is finally done for now. I give it another month before I decide to redesign again.

Sprint Retrospective

What went well?

  1. redesign of website completed
  2. started February with two consectutive days of new monthly challenge. Feeling good.
  3. cleared all downstairs of furniture and had the flooring done!

What could I change?

  1. focus on the tasks I bring into the sprint (this week I didn't do anything I planned).

How can I implement these changes?

  1. Use Roam and Bullet Journal as solid quick capture tools to keep track of ideas and not get pulled into pursuing things which aren't a priority.